The life of celebrities is not always as fancy and carefree as it seems. When not being on the screen, they are the same humans just like anyone on earth, having the same problems, difficulties and struggles. Moreover, they tend to overwork and thus have an extremely stressful life due to the harmful pace of film industry. According to this, celebrities need to take special care for their well-being, both physically and mentally. Now we list five of them with amazing skin and their go-to hacks to maintain it.

1.    Cate Blanchett

Though she is assumed to have Botox and Juvederm filler, the number one skin care hack of the actress is the religious use of sun protection. Tanned skin is a huge trend these days but it is worth thinking about the consequences that appear only in a later age. Cate’s flawless skin is a great reminder of the benefits of preserving an aristocratically pale but healthy, glowing skin.

2.    Rihanna

Riri really knows how to enjoy life and likes to have lots of fun, but when it is about her skin condition, she is committed to do her best. She knows her (and her skin’s) limits and when her skin says enough, she cuts alcohol completely and drinks as much water as she can. The necessity of being dehydrated is hence confirmed again – it is impossible to ever get enough H2O.

3.    Katy Perry

Who could ever find out that Katy Perry once suffered from acne – her glowing, flawless skin denies it all. Besides incorporating Madonna’s favourite skin care products into her routine, she has a focus on what to put into her body also. She now lives a healthier lifestyle that she ever has and eating less fast food and sugar do their effect. Her skin is just so radiant!

4.    Liv Tyler

In addition to her amazing genes and possible Botox help, Liv knows what is best for her skin. She is absolutely conscious and avoids all those things that can damage the skin – she does not smoke, does not have extreme weight changes and stays away from sun exposure. She truly believes in the power of exfoliating but the most important thing she swears by is to start skincare from the inside.

5.    Margot Robbie

Despite of the endless number of makeup layers applied on her face during work, she has a crucial focus on cleansing and going to bed with a really clean skin in the evening. Furthermore, she listens to the signs of her skin and occasionally cut out certain foods to restore its condition. Since she often experiences dryness, hydration is also an essential part of her daily routine.

As the examples show, skincare routines do not have to include difficult, time-consuming practices. Finding the right procedure may take time but less is more – staying consistent about the simple daily habits will do the right job.