Back in the days, Hippocrates the father of medicine stated: ‘All disease begins in the gut.’

Today we couldn’t’ agree more. It might come as a surprising fact but many health problems stem from a toxic, clogged colon. Our colon is responsible for absorbing the essential vitamins, minerals and water into our blood. So it is easy to see that a clogged colon can’t have an effective absorption at all. In fact, the toxins stuck in the bowel can leak into the blood and the tissues – which of course leads to toxication of our organs. Other risk is that over time, a toxic bowel weakens our immune system as that harmful environment destroys useful bacteria. This can result in various illnesses/diseases like: allergies, pot belly, acne, constipation, headache, chronic fatigue, weight problems, body odour, brittle nails, irritable bowel syndrome or even arthritis.

Unfortunately, colon health tends to be a widely forgotten and neglected topic. Most people aren’t even aware of that they are dehydrated, toxic and cannot absorb the sufficient nutrients.

Nevertheless, there is an effective solution for all these problems: Colon Hydrotherapie. Colon Hydrotherapie (also known as Colonics) is a safe and amazingly effective method: by gently bringing warm water into the colon, it helps breaking down the retrained waste in the bowel which then can be eliminated.

So let’s dive deep (pun intended)…and take a closer look of the 5 most powerful benefits Colon Hydrotherapy has in store for us:

  1. Makes The Digestive System More Effective 

    A healthy clean colon doesn’t store any clogged waste inside; on the contrary, it allows waste to flow through easily. It supports nutrition absorption which is essential for an effective digestive system.

  2. Encourages Whole Body Detox 

    The body is designed to detoxify itself every single day. But poor lifestyle habits and diet choices make its job difficult and hard to catch up. It leads to an overload of toxins in the body. This is why Colon Hydrotherapy plays a big role – by ridding your body of toxins, it makes your system function properly again.

  3. Kick-starts Your Weight Loss 

    Low-fiber foods move through the digestive tract at a much slower rate than their high-fiber counterparts do. This slow-moving food linger longer in the digestive tract and produces excess matter that sticks to the intestinal walls, making the intestinal tract weigh down pounds of decaying matter. When cleansing the colon, we get rid of these built-up matter which results in significant weight-loss. That is a pretty useful kick-start to shredding those unwanted pounds, right?

  4. Increases Energy 

    Flushing out the toxins from your body has a rejuvenating effect: it refocuses the energy that is usually used for forcing the waste through your otherwise clogged and blocked intestines. Colon cleanse gives you an immediate energy boost, more restful sleep and better blood circulation.

  5. Decreases the Risk of Colon Cancer 

    All the toxins that end up in our bodies -through drinking, eating, breathing and also absorbing through our skin- land in the gastrointestinal system, kidneys and liver. If they cannot move through the organs as quick as possible, they will harm the body’s precious systems pretty soon. By cleansing the colon, the body eliminates the toxins built-up in stagnant body waste.