‘Ashiatsu’ is a term coming from Japanese and describes a massage technique where practitioners use their feet to apply pressure on the body. ‘Ashi’ means foot and ‘atsu’ means pressure. This therapeutic massage art derives from ancient techniques that were practised in the Far East thousands of years ago already. In modern times, it has been adapted to meet the needs of massage clients of today.

How is it performed and how does it feel?

At first glance, it sounds like you should expect the therapist walking on your back… Well, they aren’t. Although Ashiatsu is performed with feet, there is definitely no walking involved. Due to the use of feet, the practitioner can easily cover larger areas and achieve better results than that with a traditional massage. In fact, according to clients, Ashiatsu feels more comfortable than typical massage techniques and pressure is broader and more even than applying it with elbows, thumbs and fists. So basically what you can feel during the session are soothing long, slow, gliding strokes which loosen and lengthen your tight muscles and makes you relax at the same time.

The benefits are really promising

Ashiatsu is famous for pain relief, especially in back and hip areas. It improves posture and increases mobility amazingly. In fact, clients report significant increase in range of motion and athletic performance. It is also an effective bodywork treatment for preventing and treating all kinds of athletic injuries.

Is barefoot massage right for you?

Yes, Ashiatsu is recommended for everyone (of course, if not having certain conditions, see below). Generally, athletes and people with active lifestyle love this massage technique and it is also requested by a wide variety of clients. All in all, we can tell Ashiatsu is just right for everyone who is looking for the unique benefits it offers.

When is it not a good idea to get an Ashiatsu massage?

There are some contraindications that apply. These include: osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, in case of pregnancy, if you have pacemaker, in case of thrombosis, tuberculosis, if you have had any rib or bone fracture within the last 6 months, and if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart condition. We strongly recommend to consult with your therapist beforehand.

…And a small but important tip by us: Although Ashiatsu barefoot massage is pain-free, each client prefer diffefent level of pressure: some request from light to medium, while others prefer to have very deep pressure. This is why communication is really important between client and therapist during session. Don’t hesitate to tell if you prefer lighter or stronger strokes, so your therapist will be able to instantly adjust.