Easter has just passed and most likely left us here with some extra pounds… Especially if we were invited to friends and family, in order to enjoy some time and delicious food together. Or, we are great cooks ourselves and couldn’t stop prepare (and eat) the mouth-watering courses…topping them with some irresistible desserts…and some glasses of sparkling wine, occasionally.

Either way, the best we can do is to help our body get refreshed and clean by supporting it with a nice well-deserved detox after all these days.
However, detoxing should not be done just once a year. As we cleanse ourselves regularly on the outside (meaning a nice fresh shower or bath), so should we on the inside too. A short detox program time after time will clean your system and keeps you on track – fresh, hydrated and detoxified.

What we should know about our system is that it detoxifies itself on its own, all day every day. The main job does the liver – however, it can only handle a certain amount of toxins. When the liver gets overloaded with them, they begin to build up in other areas of your body. It leads to negative impacts on your health and the whole immune system.

But how do you know if you need detox ASAP? Here are some warning signs: headaches, allergies, brain fog, muscle pain, weight gain, constipation, acne, heart burn, autoimmune disease – as the most common ones.

So what can detox do for you?

Boosts Your Immune System

A well chosen detox program supports your body’s natural detoxifying processes. The immune system will function better and your organs will be able to work much more effectively – compared to when they were loaded with toxins and just surviving. As they get support and the much needed nutritients, your whole body will be able to thrive again.

Stabilizes Your Energy Level

Replacing unhealthy food like processed food, sugar with juicy healthy fruits and vegetables gives your system a boost throughout the whole day – instead of feeling exhausted already in the afternoon. Drinking plenty of juice and water keeps you hydrated and supports the body’s detox.

Helps in Weight Loss

Good news is, you can expect to drop some extra pounds during the detox or cleanse. However, when you finished your detox program, stick to your new habits (e.g. drinking freshly pressed juice on a daily basis) and use your newly gained energy to hit the gym or do some inspiring outdoor exercise to reach and maintain your dream shape!

Clears Your Skin

Have you ever thought about your skin as your largest organ that is part of your detoxification process? It is sweating out the toxins through your pores. It can actually lead to acne. Also, as you start the cleanse, your skin condition can get worse, more acne might show up, but do not worry, it is a sign that your body is detoxing and it will improve over time.

Makes Your Breath Better

Did you know that bad breath is linked to clogged or toxic colon? As the last part of the digestion and detoxification process, our body gets rid of the toxins through the colon and bowel movements. However, too much built-up toxins lead to clogged colon. Usually detox programs contain a lot of food that are superstars in cleansing the colon system. As digestion improves, so will bad breath.

Clears Your Mind

As your body starts to get rid of the built-up toxins, the brain fog will lift. It will give you a mental clarity and might also motivate you to try meditation or different relaxation techniques. It will open up entirely new ways of living, you can find calmness and inspiration that will radiate from you all day.