We know Botox as the most popular treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that it is the perfect no-needle method to get your jawline in shape?

From muscle problems through wrinkle correction to excessive sweating, Botox can be effectively used for various conditions. In this new innovative treatment, Botox is injected into a muscle in the lower part of the face, allowing the chin to move down and forward. Botox acts on the nerves and prevents them from contracting. Thus, it can beautifully correct your jaw line, giving it a nice contour.

Well, did you know that in ancient Chinese face reading, chin has a special meaning. It shows one’s endurance, tenacity, aggressivity and working attitude. From each jaw type, one can read about the person just as quick as taking a look at their faces. You are probably wondering by now which chin type you have and what it says about your personality. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  1. Short chin
    People who have short chins tend to be emotional and introverted. They may get tactless and unenduring which makes it hard for them to accomplish their goals.
  2. Long chin
    People with long chin are often popular, patient, rightous and persistent. They can get easily upset.
  3. Double chin and Round chin
    Double chin: it represents wealth and belongs to people who are enduring, generous and well-educated. They have really good interpersonal relationships and high prestige.
    Round chin: people with round chin are gentle, optimistic and kind-hearted. The risk is they can get deceived because of their innocence.
  4. Fleshy chin
    Similar to double chin. However, these type of people are blessed and have most of the time better luck than the others.
  5. Protruding/Jutting Chin
    These are the people who tend to be romantic, sentimental, art-oriented and careless. They can get aggressive and possessive.
  6. Pointed chin
    It belongs to the kind of people who seek spirituality and intellectual satisfaction. They are thoughtful and romantic. Nonetheless, they can get unrealistic and neglect their family.
  7. Square chin
    People with square chin are stubborn, strong, down-t-earth and honest. They are idealists and have the courage to take action when needed.
  8. Receding chin
    It belongs to people who have good interpersonal relationships, yet often times they can be immature and indecisive.
  9. Wide chin
    People with wide chin are upright and somewhat impulsive. They are broad-minded, kind and tolerant.

This little sum-up is a perfect example how jaw line can be an expression of ourselves – by contouring our jaw, we might enhance some qualities in ourselves, but most importantly, we can achieve a new level of confidence that we have wished for.