Slim, graceful calves are considered beautiful according to trends. It optically makes a person look taller and thinner, adding some elegance and charm. If you also have struggles with your calves, but would like to avoid surgeries and choose a gentler version, Botox injection is a great option.

Actually, the disproportionately prominent calves what body builders crave for can be disturbing and uncomfortable in everyday life, for instance if you fall in love with the most fashionable pair of high knee boots of the season. Bigger calves are mostly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle which includes a diet rich in fats and salt. However, the reason also can be water retention, muscular hypertrophy, fatty deposits, cellulite or simply genetics.

Calf surgeries were first developed in Korea to address many Asian people who usually have both short and muscular calves, contrary to the ideal 32-34 centimeters. Besides discomfort, it is not only difficult to wear boots but both women and men can be embarrassed to wear skirt or shorts during summer. The appropriate treatment depends on the calf anatomy, the size and the overall appearance.

The biggest advantages of Botox injections are that they are non-invasive, effective and reversible. Patients can have a preview and if they experience weakness or any other side effect, the effect of the treatment just simply disappears in 9 months or maximum a year. Although, it can be a disadvantage at the same time as you always need to repeat the treatment to maintain the result. Of course, the thought that you can change your mind anytime and stop the injections can be comforting and makes you feel safe.

During the treatment, the toxin is injected into the calf muscle, paralysing certain nerves and preventing them to totally contract. This process forces the muscle to relax, hence ensures a contoured, slim appearance to the legs. The procedure affects only a small proportion of the outer muscle fibers, that’s why you are still going to be able to walk normally afterwards. The treatment knocks at least 2 cm off the circumference of each calf, even for those who often wear high heels, go to the gym regularly, or genetically have strong calves.

It may sound weird, but to reach the desired effect, it is needed to be inject more than ten times higher dose of Botox than your face needs, due to the big size of the muscle in the calves. Precision is indispensable, because an inappropriate treatment can make the muscles unable to pump blood from the legs towards the heart. The needle mustn’t go in too deep, or it can reach the soleus muscle which is the long, inner muscle running down the length of the lower leg controlling walking.

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