Every change of the season has an effect to our skin, and it can be particularly stressful when changing from a nice warm summer weather to a more harsh, windy, drier fall and winter. As temperature decreases, it often goes together with a drop of humidity level which naturally causes our skin to get less hydrated and moisturized. It can take a toll on us pretty soon and we may end up with a dull-looking skin – also, this type of transition can even lead to skin conditions like acne and eczema.

This is why it is crucially important to adjust our daily skin care routine to the actual season, weather and climate in general. It may sound somewhat complicated but we can assure you, it isn’t. Here they are, some simple changes and easy steps that will protect your skin and soul from the effects of the harsh weather.

#1 Don’t turn up the heat too much

Keeping the temperature indoors nice and warm is of course a natural reaction to cold, chilly weather. No problem with that until you don’t exaggerate… Heating up the temperature too much can cause the air to get too dry, and so does your skin.

So keep the thermostat on an optimum – good for your skin and good for the environment.

#2 Prefer Warm Showers

You may be amongst the ones who love a good hot shower – but we can tell, it dries out your skin way too much. Instead, our tip is to opt for lukewarm water, especially when washing your hands and face to avoid depleting your skin of its natural oils.

#3 What About a Nice Moisturizing Right After Shower?

As soon as you are towel dry, apply a natural body lotion to your skin in order to stay extra hydrated throughout the day (or night).

#4 Forget Harsh Cleansers

The problem is with harsh deodorants and antibacterial soaps is that they compromise the skin’s hydration level and natural moisture barrier. This is why instead, apply mild, natural cleansers.

#5 Use Rich Moisturizers

Opt for a denser, heavy cream that keeps you moisturized well in the winter season – instead of the light cream that you used in the summer.

Tip: apply coconut oil for a quick fix. It is a 100% natural deep moisturizer that absorbs your skin quickly.

#6 Hydrate Also From Within

It is a well-known fact that your body needs water to stay hydrated. Of course, also in the winter. Our tip: try some herbal tea to keep you on track or, add some fresh lemon to warm water. It will keep you warm also from the inside.

#7 Use A Humidifier

If your home happens to be too dry, get one of these simple but wonderful devices. So now you will be able to adjust the humidity level – best is to keep it between 45% and 55%.

#8 Don’t Forget Some Extra Care For Your Hands

Apply a lotion or moisturizer each time you wash your hands.

#9 Use Foundation Also As Protection

Makeup can not just brighten up your overall look but adds an extra layer to your skin which works as a protection. It seals your pores keeping in the well-needed moisture.

#10 Exfoliate A Little Less

Facial peels and masks can cause your skin an irritation when used too often.

Applying it once a week should be enough to do the job.

+1: Focus On Your Lifestyle

Make sure you go outside regularly to enjoy some fresh air and get enough sleep. Also, don’t forget your vitamins.