Like snowflakes, no two people are alike. Our genetics, environmental, experiences, triumphs, failures and relationships all shape the person we are, and makes each of us unique. Movies, television and magazines show actors, personalities and models that we are meant to aspire to be like, but these celebrities have the benefit of lots of money, technology, and a lots of helpers, stylists, trainers and managers to help them achieve their status.

It’s easy when viewing these unrealistic role models to get down on yourself, to feel like you are pale in comparison to them. But you have to remember that they are a tiny percentage of the population, so small as to be statistically insignificant.

Even in everyday life you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone. You are unique, there is not another person in the whole world like you. It’s like trying to compare a bike with a cloud, so different that comparison is useless.

Embrace your uniqueness and appreciate what you have. We are all beautiful. We are all wonderful. We are all special. If there’s elements about yourself that you aren’t too happy with, work towards changing them. Tummy a bit too big, eat healthier. Bum a bit too flat, work out.

Even when it comes to cosmetic beauty you should embrace what you have. Not everybody sees beauty in the same way and, more often than not, you would be surprised by how positively people think about your appearance.

Don’t be scared of aging. It’s a natural process and should be accepted as such. There’s no harm in having a few small procedures to slow down the visible signs, but don’t go overboard. Try to keep it as natural looking as possible and age with grace.

So next time you are feeling down just look in the mirror and think of yourself as that beautiful snowflake, unique, pretty and special.