Did you know that including gold in skin care dates back to ancient times? It was widely known and used by ancient civilizations like Romans, Japanese, Chinese and Egyptians. You have probably also heard the legends about Cleopatra who had some secret favourite ingredients when it came to her skin care regimen – one of them was gold. Rumors say she used it every night before going to sleep. (She certainly had a good taste.)

Luckily, it isn’t kept secret nowadays and we know what benefits this unique and luxurious element has in store for us – and for our precious skin.

So let’s dive in…

  1. Prevents Premature Aging of The Skin
    The leading cause of premature aging of the skin is dryness. The good news is gold effectively reduces the dryness and moreover, it aims in increasing the metabolic rate.
  2. Increases the Elasticity of the Skin
    Over time, the skin tends to decrease or even lose its elasticity. Applying gold prevents skin from sagging by restoring the elasticity of the tissues. It will then result in a firm, nicely toned skin.
  3. Gold is a ‘must’ if you want to Slow Down the Depletion of Collagen (And honestly, who doesn’t want to?;)
    Collagen is naturally produced by the body, however over time -around our mid 20ies-, its production start to decrease. The job of collagen is to keep you flexible and make your hair shiny and skin smooth, so it can be quickly noticed when it starts to deplete from the body. Cosmetics with gold effectively prevent the collagen depletion in your skin cells.
  4. Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Spots
    An other great benefit of gold is that it can activate basal cells in the skin which leads to improved elasticity. It reduces those unwanted elements on your skin, such as fine lines, marks, blemishes and wrinkles. Your face gets back its natural beauty and glow.
  5. Aims in Stimulating the Cells
    Gold contains useful ions that successfully stimulate the nerves, cells and veins in the body. It boosts blood circulation which then will result in increased metabolism of the cells and secretion of waste and toxins. It naturally makes your skin healthy and fresh.
  6. Remedy for Allergies
    In ancient Egyptian traditions, gold was valued as a medicine – it was believed to treat several illnesses. Thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, gold reduces skin allergies and acne.
  7. Remedy for Inflammation
    Gold also has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial traits that help in treating conditions like ulcer and other inflammatory diseases by supporting oxygen to enter the cells and renewing them.
  8. Effective Treatment for Sun Damage
    We probably all know how it feels and looks like to get burned under the sun… Best is to prevent it, of course. Getting tanned is caused by the production of melatonin (aka black pigment) in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Applying products that contain gold reduce the production of the melatonin.

…The Result: Youthful, Glowing Skin

As gold radically improves the hydration of your skin, boosts the blood circulation, increases its elasticity, what you will find is that your skin no longer looks like it used to before. Maintaining the skin’s moisture level and the small particles of gold that get absorbed in the cells, will make your skin fresh, healthy, and radiant with a rich glow.

It is time for you to shine like Cleopatra, youthful and beautiful – inside and outside!