Maybe you are among the lucky ones who don’t experience excessive sweating, however there are a number of people who suffer from that. We all do sweat but the question is where the point from where it becomes excessive is? Well, to take some examples, a five-minute workout on the treadmill makes you right away sopping wet, or you have to wipe your hand before every handshake?… Now, this sounds pretty much like excess sweat. It is a hassle to say the least.

Excessive sweating aka hyperhidrosis is common among people who are overweight or out of shape, however it can be a warning sign of some medical conditions as well – like that of diabetes, thyroid problems or infection.

So what is excessive sweating, after all?

If you simply just sweat more when it’s hot or in case of you are exerting yourself, it is usually not a sign of trouble. Sweating is in fact a normal reaction of the body when it’s working harder and needs to cool itself down. It varies from person to person: some people start sweating more easily than others. And that is the main difference – excessive sweating goes beyond the normal physical need to sweat. It is when one starts to sweat heavily out of the underarms, hands, feet, and face for no apparent reason and it is not appropriate to the circumstances.

The good news

There has been a solution for hyperhidrosis nowadays; it can effectively be treated with Botox injections. In fact, the procedure has a proven safety record of more than 15 years.

How does it work then?

‘The neurotoxin Botox stops nerves from firing by blocking the uptake of acetylcholine, one of the neurotransmitters that tells muscles to contract, explains Heidi Waldorf M.D.
When injected in the face, it freezes the muscles which smoothens wrinkles and also, prevents expression lines from forming. It is the same mechanism at work when Botox is used to stop sweating – except it acts on glands instead of muscles. It simply blocks the nerves from reaching the sweat glands – it decreases the chemical reaction between the two. Which means just no sweat at all. There can be endless hours in the gym, sunny days with white shirt on, or even long hours in the office in suit…there will be no traces of any sweat. It kind of equals a new life, don’t you think?