Laser Hair Removal – Face and Body

Cocoon Medical Spa offers hair removal treatments, using Cutera Prowave and Yag lasers. This laser treatment is effective towards light, olive and dark skin. Our laser hair removal treatments are performed by licensed doctors and nurses. Who routinely used to remove hair on common areas like upper lip, armpit, back, arms, legs and bikini line.

How Works Laser Hair Removal treatment?

The laser beam is set to selectively target hair shafts. As the hair shaft absorbs the laser, it heats up just enough to destroy the follicle, therefore preventing any future re-growth. Though some follicles may survive the carnage, the percentage is low and usually unnoticeable. As is common with laser treatments, a light sting like a slap on the wrist may accompany the 30-minute treatment. The laser system also has adjustable contact cooling for maximum safety and comfort.

For effective hair carnage, more than one session is necessary because the laser beam only targets hair in a specific cycle. Clients benefit most from 4-6 sessions between a 4-6 week period, depending hair thickness, treatable area and hair growth cycle.

Post Treatment Care of Laser Hair Removal

For best results and maximum comfort of laser hair removal, we recommend that clients use only warm water to wash the treated area. Keep the area dry and hygienic. Avoid tweezing, shaving, threading hair that looks like it’s ‘grown back’ – it will eventually fall off. Keep treated area away from the sun as much as possible and apply sunscreen with at least SPF30+.

Customers with severe skin diseases should seek their doctor’s advice for hair removal treatments. While pregnant women should avoid this treatment. The laser hair removal treatments works best on clients with fair skin and darker hair.

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