Ultimate Wellness & Detox Package


Toxins out, Vitamins in!

Flush out all the toxins and get an intensive vitality overhaul


  • Improve digestion
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase energy and alertness
  • Help hangovers
  • Relieve headaches/migraines

Ultimate Wellness & Detox Package includes:

Colon Hydrotherapy 
Wash away build-up of toxins from your digestive system.

Infrared Sauna 
Burn calories and release harmful toxins.

Vitamin IV
Intensive burst of nourishment for the blood and organs – including high dosage Vitamin C, B Complex, Neurobion, Tationil

Oxygen Therapy
The most advanced Oxygen machine in the world coming from Italy, delivering pure oxygen into the lungs and blood to oxygenate your system.

Foot massage
Improve blood and lymph circulation, increase energy.


Terms and Conditions:
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