Stretch marks, often known as striae, are tears to the connective tissue of the skin due to overstretching – they are mostly the result of rapid growth, muscle building, weigh gain, pregnancy, or puberty. While almost every people have them and they tell a story about our lives, most people feel embarrassed because of them and it’s often the main source of insecurities. The most effective treatment to get rid of them for a lifetime is Dermapen. We tell you why!

Dermapen is a natural treatment to improve the appearance of the skin and successfully clear away the signs of aging. The therapy applies advanced skin micro-surgical needling that efficiently stimulates the skin to regenerate and refresh itself naturally and safely, resulting a brighter and younger looking skin. The aim of Dermapen is to stimulate cells to get renewed and produce new collagen without damaging the epidermis. The small needles penetrate vertically into the skin, creating tiny, micro-skin channels while stimulating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. These channels carry up to 80% more topical nutrients hence feeding the cells in the dermis and the basal layer.

With the use of topical anaesthetic, there is no discomfort, only a vibrating or ticklish feeling as the needles go into the skin. After the treatment the skin may feel like having a sunburn and its texture can be bumpy but the best thing is that the healing process is minimal – one day or can be even less. Furthermore, after the therapy, the effectiveness of treatments is increased by promoting the absorption of skin care ingredients into the skin for enhanced results.

As your skin will produce more collagen on the treated area, your tears will heal and the striae will be replaced with new skin cells. Dermapen helps the regeneration of the skin covering the stretch marks which restores the contours of the skin’s surface as well.

Appearance of stretch marks is the most difficult skin problem to treat and is literally impossible with only cosmetics or any home remedies like oils or natural skin care products. Many reviews confirm that the only effective treatment that makes stretch marks invisible is Dermapen. Book an appointment and consult our professionals.