What is your definition of beauty?

I think beauty is very relative but anything can be beautiful in some ways depending on people’s taste.

What makes a woman beautiful?

Clean skin and glowing eyes and good vibe with positive thoughts

Who is the most beautiful woman?

Jennifer Garner, you can see the inner beauty from her eyes all the time.

What or who made you passionate about Beauty?

Since my childhood I enjoy being a woman and I always looked after myself and my skin and I would like to help other women to do the same.

What do you love about being an aesthetic Doctor?

I enjoy every moment. Each lady is different with different beauty concerns and I love helping them.

What can we do to make our aesthetic treatments last longer?

Stay hydrated inside and outside. Lot of water and a good moisturizer does magic on a long term.

What is your favourite treatment to do?

RF has a fantastic tightening effect and I always suggest to combine with PRP for the best result.

What are your most in demand treatments?

RF, Laser, Botox, Fillers.

What aesthetic treatments do you see in the future?

I believe that treatment combinations are the future. You need different treatments to treat all layers of the skin.

When you are not at work, what are some of your favourite interests / hobbies?

I spend most of my free time with family, friends, meditation and reading books.

What does it take to be a good aesthetic doctor?

A good aesthetic doctor tries to understand the clients’ needs that’s why I prefer longer consultations.