Skin care products and treatments are often unsuccessful or useless – but is it possible that the real reason of the problem is somewhere else? When opting for something new, we expect it to work immediately, but in most cases, we do not consider about the circumstances it needs to actually work well. Although, the only thing missing is probably just water.

Dry skin and dehydration

Contrary to popular belief, dry skin and dehydration are two completely different terms. While dry skin is a skin type that lacks oils and/or lipids, dehydrated skin is only a condition that lacks water. Although, distinguishing the two with naked eyes is almost impossible, since the symptoms of both are really similar – redness, itchiness, uneven skin tone and increased fine lines.

The curse of everyday life

While many skin problems originate in health issues, we have to confess that everyday life is not friend of skin. Sun exposure, warm heat, high humidity and air-conditioning in summer and cold, breezy weather and central heating in winter all dehydrate skin. For this reason, using the suitable skin care product and applying it at the good time of the day is essential.

Level up your skin care routine

The prolonged the dehydration is, the more sensitive the skin becomes. Skin works like brick and mortar – cells within the skin are held together by lipids but when there is not enough water supply, gaps appear where moisture can escape and harmful things can get in. In order to prevent this condition, the best to do is to look for hydrating products containing hyaluronic acid that increase water content and to apply moisturizing products that prevent water loss.

Timing is key

After you have found the perfect products, you only have to pay special attention to when and how to use them. For instance, you only have three minutes to apply moisturizer after getting out of the shower. Otherwise, moisture evaporate quickly, almost like you would not have used anything. In addition, it is key to take care of your showering and exfoliating routine as well – too long and too warm showers just make the skin even drier and exfoliating too often during winter can deplete the skin’s nutrient stocks.

Adequate water intake

Though researches do not show clear correlation between flawless skin and drinking water, it is a fact that it promotes overall body functioning. According to this, blood flow and every other process that have an effect on skin can work better too. Anyhow, drinking the adequate amount of water cannot hurt.

Since water is the most natural element, it seems to be the ultimate helper of skin. Although it is (still) easily accessible, applying it into the skin is not that easy. Because of this, finding the best skin care products is indispensable. In case you want to consult with an expert for professional advice, write us to and book an appointment.