The first signs of aging start to appear at quite an early age for everyone – depending on the life circumstances, it can even be the early 20s. While Botox® was initially used by celebrities and wealthy Americans, today it is the most popular non-invasive facial treatment for everyday people as well. In addition, there are more and more younger patients who seek to prevent wrinkles with Botox®. But what is actually the right age to start it? We are here to answer it now!

In fact, we must remember that beyond cosmetic purposes, Botox® is applied for FDA approved medical reasons too, such as chronic migraine or ocular strabismus. In case having any of these, it can be a good reason to have Botox®.

Furthermore, the need for Botox® usually depends on your skin type and lifestyle that can affect the quality of your skin. Some may need it in their mid-20s, while lucky ones can wait until their 40s to start it.

Botox® in your 20s

If you stay away from sun exposure and avoid smoking, you have a good chance to start Botox® as late as possible. Wrinkles first start to appear during smiling or frowning, and usually smooth out at rest. On the other hand, if you are in your 20s but discover some wrinkles at rest, which can occur due to family genes, smoking or tanning, having a light Botox® treatment can be reasonable.

Botox® in your 30s

Defined wrinkles usually start to appear in the early 30s, but some factors can worsen them of course. Like we mentioned above, smoking, unprotected exposure to the sun or constant frowning and other muscle movements can promote wrinkles to show up sooner. Besides this, Botox® can be used as a preventive procedure to delay wrinkles.

Botox® in your 40s

For most patients, the average age of starting Botox® is the 40s. By this time, though lifestyle is also a determining factor at this age, wrinkles are more defined and are usually visible at rest too due to the fact that skin starts thinning and loosing elasticity and collagen. However, for darker skin tones, the appropriate age to start Botox® is usually higher, and can be at around age 45, if circumstances do not affect the skin quality.

The best thing about Botox® is that it is not permanent, so even if you decide to have it, it is reversible. The age you receive Botox® depends only on your decision, but in case you have interest in it and would like to consult with a professional, write us to and book an appointment!