Beauty Now And Then

What was seen as the perfect figure in the 50’s would find it hard to get a place on the front cover of a magazine these days. And think of all those haircuts from the 60’s. Who would want to spend half their day doing their hair, just to look like you’re walking around with a basket on your head?

The 70’s and 80’s saw an explosion of colour options in makeup, and led to some pretty interesting styles that, thankfully, haven’t lasted the test of time. Whatever the era and current fashions, the one thing that has been a constant throughout is the aspiration for beauty and youth. Some beauty techniques have survived, like keeping fit and eating healthily. But some have fallen to the wayside, like pinching cheeks to make them look rosy, or rubbing them with beetroot.

As knowledge and technology advance, so too do the applications for the beauty market. Often modern beauty treatments are discovered in the medical world and make a transition into the beauty arena.

The media has been a big factor in shaping the desire for beauty in the public, with celebrities making aspirational models for them to want to emulate. And as the celebrity beauty secrets become mainstream knowledge, so does the desire to try them out. I think if you tried to explain to someone in the 1950’s that we’d be using lasers for cosmetic surgery to reduce the signs of ageing, they would dismiss it as pure science fiction. Or tried explaining botox to someone from the 1960’s. A few simple injection and the years seem to drop off. I don’t think they’d believe it. The sheer range of products on the market aimed at feminine beauty has changed our daily routines. And the range of surgical options our long-term options.

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