• BOTOX in Bali

BOTOX in Bali

Cocoon Medical Spa is the most experienced and qualified place to get Botox in Bali. Our Australian-trained doctors use Botox® from Allergan (USA) and have treated thousands of costumers.

We are absolutely result orientated, so we first discuss your needs and concerns during a free consultation. Beauty is different to everyone so we make sure we understand “your beauty” first to be able to advice the best solution for you.

Why to get Botox in Bali?

Because you can enjoy a perfect holiday with palm trees and beautiful beaches while you’re getting pampered in a professional and relaxing environment.

Bali is a well-developed island offering many activities, nice restaurants and amazing hotels and villas. There is a wide range of accommodations from cheap hotels to 5 star private villas, so everybody can find the perfect match to the budget.

We have all aesthetic treatments and solutions that you have in Australia, Europe or in the US, but on a much affordable budget.

What is Botox?

Botox is a combination of protein and neurotoxin made from a bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. They used Botox first for therapeutic issues and around 1989 it started to be popular for cosmetic use.

How does Botox works?

Botox injections cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. Botox is made works by weakening the muscles in the face. Once the resting tone of the treated muscles is weakened, the pull of the muscles relaxes and the overlying skin flattens, thereby temporarily eliminating wrinkles and facial lines. Botox will not radically change your facial appearance.

Which areas can be treated with Botox?

  • “Bunny lines” on the sides of the nose.
  • Gummy smile reduction.
  • Nasal flare reduction.
  • Lifting up the corners of the mouth.
  • Tightening the jawline (difficult to do, not as popular).
  • Lifting eyebrows.
  • Decreasing the “orange peel” appearance of the chin.
  • Lessening the appearance of neck bands.
botox in bali

Is Botox treatment painful?

Botox injections feel like a mosquito bite and for one area only few injections needed. This is an absolute non-invasive treatment and our doctor uses ice-pack also to minimize any discomfort. You can continue your daily activity right after the treatment.

Who is executing this treatment?

Our professional registered doctors execute all the anti-wrinkle injections. They have received many training’s from famous doctors from the oversees to meet the high-level standards of Cocoon Medical Spa. The doctor describes you the treatment procedure and demonstrates the treated areas on your face and on a drawing, so you are aware of all the details of treatment including exact amounts.

What are the risk of this treatment?

Our Botox is the genuine product from Allergan (USA). As a side effect, you can experience some bruising or maybe a little tenderness around the area, but it stops after few days.

What do you have to do after Botox?

After your Botox treatment is good to move the treated muscles a bit more to help the settling. It’s better not to drink alcohol to avoid bruising and also keep the treated area free from hats, helmets, hairbands, etc, anything that can influence the settling.

Before & After

You can find here pictures of amazing results after Botox injections. Every face is different with also different muscle movements but our professional doctors can advice the best amounts according to your face and needs.


Botox injections are not only useful for softening the wrinkles but it can help also with excessive sweating and chronic migraine.

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