• Our Safe and Secure Hygiene Standards

Our Safe and Secure Hygiene Standards

We are glad to share with you that we are
taking the most care for our clients and
our professional staff during this difficult period.
Here are some measures we apply to make ensure everyone’s safety and highest hygiene standard is in place:
  • A custom made spa facial shield that sits between the client and professional, to ensure maximum safety protection.
  • Limit appointments to guarantee social distancing of clients- Legian clinic will be open only Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am to 5pm.
  • Temperature checks for each client and Cocoon staffs.
  • Hand washing station before entrance, hand sanitizing stations at the reception, treatment rooms and any public area within the clinic.
  • No Mask – No Entry policy
  • Declaration form will be required from each client. We will ask each client upon entering:
    • If you have recently travelled, your self-isolation is complete?
    • If you have not been in contact with anybody who has COVID-19 or is suspected of having COVID-19.
  • We will continue to regularly sanitize the clinic every hour and we will ensure to sanitize all treatment rooms and chairs after use.
  • Guarantee that all staffs are given updated information about COVID-19, clear instructions and trainings including specific measures needed to protect safety and health.
  • All our staffs will be wearing full protective wear- masks, face shield and gloves (all replaced according to occupational health standard).
We understand that we are all in this challenging time together, we will ensure that all clients will be handled with highest care and protection and will ensure all clients adhere to set health guidelines.
For the best protection against Covid 19, we use a spa shield to provide a protective barrier for both the professional and client during our facial and massage treatments.


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