• Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

What is Laser Tattoo Removal for?

With laser tattoo removal you can erase any unwanted body art and temporary or permanent make-up. Thanks for the latest technology, with the ND YAG Q Switch it is possible to remove multi-colored tattoos including red, orange and cosmetic tattoos.

Benefits of Laser tattoo removal with ND Yag

  • Treats blue-black tattoos
  • The most advanced technology for tattoo removal in the world today
  • Safe and hygienic – only qualified, licensed Doctors carry out this treatment
  • Minimal risk, downtime and discomfort
  • Around 50% of the price using the same laser in Western countries

How does laser tattoo removal work with ND Yag?

Tattoo ink and natural pigmentation like melanin absorb short pulse duration/high peak energy Q-switched pulses so quickly that they create a photo-acoustic effect within the pigment clusters. This effect breaks down the ink into much smaller particles that can be more easily removed by the body’s natural filtering system.

What is ND Yag Laser?

The Q-switched Nd:YAG is the most frequently used laser for tattoo removal.

How does the laser tattoo removal process go?

The process for LASER TATTOO REMOVAL with ND YAG LASER is simple, quick with few days of downtime.

The treatment is performed by a team of skilled, experienced doctors and nurses:

  • STEP 1:  Experienced doctors will consult with you and confirm if you are suitable and would benefit from this procedure and how many sessions you will need for complete removal.
  • STEP 2:  Your doctor will use a numbing cream for 20-30 minutes right before the treatment to minimize any discomfort.
  • STEP 3:  Your doctor will use the ND YAG Q SWITCH laser and during treatment, pulses of light from the laser are directed onto the tattoo, breaking up the tattoo pigment. The whole procedure will take about 45 minutes.
  • STEP 4:  After the procedure, you may experience redness over the treated site, which may last a few hours. Most of the time, there is no swelling and most patients can return to work almost immediately.
  • STEP 5:  Over the next several weeks, the body’s macrophages remove the treated pigmented areas.


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