Old Vs. New CO2 Laser

I don’t mind a little pain and downtime if I get the desired results, but I’ve always shied away from full blown plastic surgery, and looked for less invasive methods. I remember, about 12 years ago, hearing about CO2 laser treatment. It was just the sort of thing that would catch my eye and I was as instant fan of the results. I was a little scared of the idea that the entire surface of my skin would be removed in one layer and then be recovering from 2nd degree burns, and the length of time that it would take to fully recover, but the results looked amazing. I wasn’t quite prepared for just how much ‘downtime’ was actually required, and how much discomfort I would be in. But, I have to be honest, after a few months I was looking radiant and felt like the last struggles of my life hadn’t left their mark.

Jump to last year. Feeling like I needed a little pampering I decided it was time to look into something to give me the kind of feeling I had all those years ago, after my recovery. Naturally, I looked into CO2 laser treatment to see the advances they had made in the field. The main advance being the fractionated (Quanta) laser. This is the separating of thousands of microscopic lasers columns, and distributing them evenly across the skin surface. Resulting in a massively reduced downtime, compared with the old technique, and no chance of skin pigmentation loss.

After my treatment I had a little discomfort for a few days, but was out and about again after 5 days, compared with weeks with the old CO2 laser treatment. Within a few weeks I was fully recovered and felt amazing. My skin was tighter, my cheeks felt plumper and I found that glow again I’d been missing.