Welcome Note

I would love to welcome you to Cocoon Medical Spa in Bali.

Louise Cogan
Cocoon Medical Spa

Having worked in medical tourism in Malaysia and Thailand for the last 10 years, and seeing the huge growth in those countries after the development of world class hospitals and facilities, I can forecast that Bali is poised to soon enjoy the same market as medical tourists choose Bali. The development of world class hospitals and medical centres will increase patients perceptions of medical quality which will see a boom in medical tourism and before the end of this decade, Bali will be ranked equally for medical procedures alongside Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Bali’s perceptions for medical treatment are improving as client testimonials prove the quality of treatment and care, and of course, prices will always be the lowest in the emerging Asian market. This will see both an enormous influx of tourists who would have normally gone to KL or Singapore, and secondly keep residents in Indonesia, rather than them going abroad for medical treatments.

Cocoon Medical Spa is very different to any other clinic and hospital in Asia; it was my personal dream and goal to offer non-invasive cosmetic, anti-aging and wellness treatments in a beautiful haven of Balinese calm. Our beautiful cosmetic centre offers the largest range of cosmetic and wellness treatments at Bali prices.

There are 3 elements to this goal that I focus on every day:

  1. Quality: all our treatments, products, technology and training is the best in the world. Our qualified doctors have gone through months of international training with the best cosmetic doctors from the UK and Australia, and our equipment and products are what the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons in western countries use.
  2. Comprehensive holistic treatments: we have the largest range of treatments and equipment to deliver excellent results. For results to be truly natural and beautiful there is no one miracle treatment, it is all about the combination of treatments. For example, with anti-aging, people will automatically think Botox, but it is not a cure-all solution, and it doesn’t go far in long term anti-aging. It is really just one treatment that needs to be used together with a combination of treatments. It is important to treat the whole person for aging, for example, the deep dermal tissues and tightening with Radio frequency Microneedling, different lasers, PRP and fillers need to target the middle layers of the skin for rejuvenation and fillers and the top superficial skin will have problems like pigmentation which needs laser. As well, wellness treatments such as vitamin IV and detox will give an extra boost to skin health. The combination of all the technologies and all the products will give beautiful, natural visible results.
  3. Prices: I cannot deny that no matter how beautiful and high quality our centre is, price is the one thing why tourists will choose the treatments at Cocoon Medical Spa. We will always be competitive with prices, and deliver on value – up to 80% cheaper than in other countries for the same technology. The whole goal is to have western quality at Indonesian prices.

Our environment is quite special – not your typical clinic – it is very relaxing, calm and private. We want visits to be an experience for clients, one they will enjoy coming back to. Our service brings many surprise and delight factors, less like a cosmetic centre, and more like a beautiful relaxing Balinese spa.

One thing that really differentiates us is the combination of wellness treatments together with cosmetic. What I found with my experience in plastic surgery is the importance of combining wellness treatments, to clear out the insides for cosmetic results to look better. There is no use in treating skin conditions such as aging, allergies and acne, if we don’t clear out our insides. Therefore, we are integrating wellness treatments, such as Detox, Colon hydrotherapy, Infrared sauna, Vitamin IV, and Indonesia’s first salt room (for respiratory system, allergies, hay fever and skin conditions such as dry, scaly or rosacea or psoriasis)  together with cosmetic treatments.

This combination will treat everything from a hangover to aging conditions for the skin serious skin and wellness problems. Our medical spa is the first of its kind in Indonesia; we hope that patients will find the quality and service that they can expect from a clinic in any major western capital city, with a beautiful Balinese environment and prices.

I invite you to visit the centre soon and please write to me about your experience.

Selamat Jalan