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Dermal Fillers | Facial Fillers | Wrinkle Fillers

Injectables for instance dermal fillers are very suitable for treating fine to deep wrinkles, restore volume to the face and even augment facial structure. The type of dermal fillers we use are formulated with a hyaluronic acid base, a sugar naturally available in human skin. Therefore, allergic reactions are extremely rare. Dermal fillers last from 3-18 months. However, this depends on which one is used. The most advanced dermal filler used at Cocoon Medical Spa are Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Voluma. This includes a local anaesthetic in the dermal filler, which markedly reduces any pain of injection. As a result, that the whole process is much more stress-free. However, when required, a local anaesthetic block is offered to make the procedure of dermal fillers completely painless.

Dermal Fillers We Use:

The benefits of dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid works by binding to water, similar to the way a sponge absorbs liquid. Therefore, once injected, they hydrate the skin in the treated region and act as a cushion. Different formulations allow for certain products to work better for different skin areas. For example, for smaller particle formulations are better for softer areas like lips. And the structure, in larger particle sizes, is best suited for deep folds like the nasolabial area (between the nose and cheek).

What to expect of dermal fillers?

Firstly, there will be mild swelling. Therefore, the actual results won’t be visible until 3 days later. Since hyaluronic acids are eventually absorbed by your body, the length of results depends on the patient, the location of injection, and the particular product is used. For example, the results in high mobility areas (such as the lips) last up to 3 months, and for the nasolabial area up to 1 year. For all other areas vary from 6-9 months. Therefore, treatments should be repeated every 9-12 months to maintain results. As with all injection-related treatments, dermal fillers carry usual risks of mild redness, bruising and possible adverse reactions depending on product.

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Post treatment care

Proper care of the treated area include no makeup, strenuous exercise or alcohol for up to 24 hours after your visit. We also recommend no extended sun exposure or freezing temperatures for up to 2 weeks post visit. If you experience any itching, swelling or redness to the treated area, an ice pack would be helpful.

What are dermal fillers best for?

  • Correcting facial wrinkles such as smile lines and marionette lines
  • Smoothing out frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines
  • Reducing folds in the face
  • Reducing the appearance of scars, acne scars or pockmarks
  • Hiding bags, dark circles and hollow areas under the eyes
  • Creating/sculpting fuller, more beautiful lips and smoothing out lip wrinkles
  • Lifting eyebrows up to their youthful position
  • Lifting up sagging corners of the mouth
  • Re-balancing and bring symmetry to the face
  • Enhancing and lifting flattened, sunken cheeks
  • Restoring volume to sagging jowls and creating a straighter jaw line
  • Creating a more prominent and defined chin
  • Restoring the symmetry to some irregularities of the nose including dips or bumps


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