• Oxygen Halo

    Energy Boost. Collagen Renewal. Pure Hydration

Oxygen Halo

Oxygen Halo or Oxygen Dome is a new technology. It stimulates the flow of oxygen through the skin and into the body system to awaken, enliven and revive. Saturate your body with oxygen, so the more oxygen flowing through our body, the more positive, energised and healthier we are. During your Oxygen Halo, simply lay back and gently breathe in the infusion of highly concentrated 100% pure oxygen.

The beauty of this treatment is it helps to combat free radical damage and inflammation inside the body while stimulating collagen production, hydration, and skin rejuvenation. Also, it is a great de-stress treatment and sleeping aid and can reduce symptoms of headaches, migraines and hangovers!

Besides that, it helps the lungs and pulmonary system recover from problems like long Covid and bronchitis. We also recommend this treatment for skin aging and UV damage.

Why your skin and body will love this:

If your skin is sensitive, this treatment will be mild on your skin. The oxygen Halo is a treatment which has no side effects on your skin. The process is very gentle, also, it doesn’t redness, burning or stinging sensation.

  • Recover pulmonary lung system after Covid
  • Skin Booster: Forms collagen, reduces free radicals, hydrates
  • Helps immunity, and de-stress and sleep

How does Oxygen Halo works:

The Cocoon Halo is an oxygen concentrator that takes oxygen from the room, concentrates it for therapeutic use, and removes other naturally occurring gases. Through a tube, oxygen will be distributed to the halo. You may also choose and prefer a nasal tube.

This treatment can benefit everyone, but particularly those who have been affected by lack of oxygen. Including: recovering from Covid or Long Covid, asthma, bronchitis. If you suffer from headaches, fatigue or swollen ankles, oxygen treatment can help.

Add-on 360 Body Red Light Radiance treatment to stimulate collagen production and skin radiance

30 minutes


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