What is Beauty?

Interview with Dr. Josephine Ong

What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty is the nice harmony of inside and outside.

What makes a woman beautiful?

The way of thinking. If you are more positive in the everyday life you can see it on the face. And relaxed life also helps.

Who is the most beautiful woman?

Halle Berry is really beautiful and she never wears 2 kgs of make-up and keeps her skin young and fresh.

What or who made you passionate about Aesthetics?

I was interested in this field and the more I learned the more I loved the whole concept.

What do you love about being an aesthetic Doctor?

In this field, you are never bored. There is always some new techniques, new machines. I love doing researches about these.

What can we do to make our aesthetic treatments last longer?

Sunscreen, lot of water and no stress.

What is your favourite treatment to do?

PRP and Laser 3D is really efficient. But I love doing fillers also, you see the results straight away.

What are your most in demand treatments?

Botox and fillers.

What aesthetic treatments do you see in the future?

Stem cells.

When you are not at work, what are some of your favourite interests / hobbies?

I love playing with my boy, he is very active!

What does it take to be a good aesthetic doctor?

You need a good pair of eyes and understanding. A good aesthetic doctor is never pushy about treatments. It’s important to focus on the clients’ concerns and not on the sales.