Celebrities Who Age Wonderfully

Bruce Willis

The 63-year-old A-list action star is not about to slow down; he chose to speed up instead and still releases numerous movies. With the help of a complete army of personal trainers and nutritionists he is in a very good shape and looks better than ever.

Cindy Crawford

The ex-supermodel is simply not aging – who believes she’s 52? She doesn’t have any secrets, only eating right, getting enough sleep, workout more times a week and basically live an active lifestyle with hiking and riding bikes. She follows the 80% rule: eating 80% good 80% of the time.

Helen Mirren

The 73-year-old dame hates to be treated like the age she is. There are no rules she follows; her only aim is to feel good in a daily basis. She doesn’t believe in moisturizers, only applies cosmetic products to feel better and refreshed. When wearing make-up, she feels – and actually is – stunning.

George Clooney

According to the 57-year-old actor, those men who dye her hair and have plastic surgeries just make themselves look even older. He thinks it is unnecessary to fight against aging but the hardest thing for aging actors is to accept that they may get fewer and less important roles in movies.

Meryl Streep

The 69 years old actress is famous for her pale, naturally glowing skin. The reason she could maintain this look is that she stays away from the strong California sun and avoids alcohol. She’s a big fan of Tracie Martyn’s cosmetic products and she swears to low impact sports, such as swimming. Her all-time mantra is “everything in moderation”.

Monica Bellucci

The 53-year-old Italian diva feels much better than in her 20s. She’s in a fantastic shape which she can thank to consciously stress less, start every of her mornings with a cooling shower and follow a simple beauty routine: cleans her face, uses a light cream, and finally applies a bit of mascara and gloss.