The Cocoon Difference

Welcome to Cocoon Medical Spa
a new type of cosmetic and anti-aging skin clinic in Bali.

Read here: A welcome note from Cocoon’s founder, Louise Cogan.

Get noticeable results with advanced skin treatments at surprisingly affordable prices. At Cocoon Medical Spa, results are GUARANTEED.

We know what you want – simple, affordable skin and health treatments to make you look and feel better – quickly. Our approach is simple – to put together the best of the best – packages, medical team, equipment, technologies, products and service – and offer it at the best price possible.

If you are on holidays in Bali, staying at hotels or villas or traveling around for a few weeks, then drop in and get a treatment and go back home with more than a tan.

Cocoon Medical Spa

A cosmetic and anti-aging skin centre in Bali
with 3 distinct differences:

1. QUALITY is central in our daily operations:

  • Our skin clinic has an International Board of doctors who oversee the training, equipment and products. They are the leading doctors in Cosmetics in Australia and Britain/UK.
  • Continuous training and improvement in knowledge in dermatology, cosmetics and anti-aging is our investment priority. Our local doctors have international training and are members of US and Australian cosmetic association boards.
  • We have invested in skin technologies and products that have shown the highest client satisfaction worldwide. We use dermatologist brands from Australia, US and Europe, all tested and compliant with international standards.
  • Our nursing protocols and hygiene standards follow international standards, similar to any accredited international private hospital.


  • Treating beauty holistically, we integrate dermatology, health and detox so to maximise aesthetic/cosmetic non-surgical treatments.
  • Treating problems of aging such as unbalanced hormones, vitamin deficiency, toxicity and their symptoms (wrinkles, dullness, lack of energy, insomnia, cellulite, bloating etc). Our integrative package are designed for anti-aging skin treatments to be more effective and longer lasting.

3. Unbeatable PRICES:

  • Individual and package skin treatment prices a great deal less than you get at home with a dermatologist or cosmetic skin centre.
  • We will match or better the prices of larger aesthetic, cosmetic, anti-aging skin clinics in Indonesia.
  • Competitive prices and combined with excellent technologies and qualified doctors – this makes all-round great value to having skin treatments at Cocoon Medical Spa.

Skin treatments menu

The menu will consist of the most popular cosmetic skin
together with anti-aging and wellness treatments.

1. Cosmetic, Dermatology:

  • Injectables for wrinkles and fillers.
  • Skin tightening through Microneedle RF.
  • Acne treatments – active acne and old scars.
  • Facial rejuvenation – Cutera 3D laser skin peels, glycolic and chemical peels, Microdermabrasion
  • Scar reduction – Cutera laser.
  • Skin problems eg. roseaca, psoriasis.
  • Laser permanent hair removal.
  • PRP “Vampire” facelifts.
  • Cellulite and fat spot reduction.
  • Spider Vein treatment.
  • Mesotherapy for rejuvenation.
  • Medical-grade take-home skin care products.

2. Anti-aging / Wellness:

  • Hormone treatments – diagnostic tests, cremes, injections, Bio identical hormones, HRT.
  • Vitamin infusions/IV.
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma – using patient’s own blood for anti-aging and wellness.
  • Detox – colonic hydrotherapy, Infrared sauna, neutraceuticals.

Our Company Values

We have personalised, caring service
to go above and beyond for our clients.

Our service motto is:

“You have come a thousand miles for us, so we will go a thousand miles for you”

Our Company values we instill in the team include:

1. Results driven

Our main focus is on “Results, Results, Results”. Everything we do, everything we offer must be results driven when it comes to cosmetic and anti-aging skin treatments. This means:

  • The best equipment and technology, proven for skin results
  • Holistic packages, cosmetic skin treatments together with wellness, detox and anti-aging treatments

2. Holistic

  • Many skin conditions – wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, bloating – are a result of poor diet, stress, chronic pain and change of hormones. If we just treat the skin conditions with aesthetic treatments, this will not solve the problem or create much of a difference.

3. Professional

  • We will be committed to continual training to improve our medical team’s knowledge and skills to be at the forefront of the cosmetic and anti-aging market.
  • We will always demonstrate the values of integrity, honesty, proactivity, responsiveness and kindness to all our clients and team mates.

4. Value

  • We will offer the best value to clients. This doesn’t mean to be the cheapest, but including more treatments / products and services so clients feel they get a lot for the price.
  • We create value by offering included services and products eg. Free transfers, complimentary sunscreens and sample skin products, a loyalty program, and a referral program.

Online Booking

Interested and wish to hear more?

Make a booking for a free doctor’s consultation and skin analysis. This is completely free, no obligation or purchase necessary. It is quick and easy and free:

Emailing: or
WhatsApp Legian: 0811 388 2240
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Welcome to Cocoon Medical Spa Bali – Beauty Reborn in Bali.