Wellness to fuel your body

Everything that happens in your body is caused by something. There is not one cell, tissue, organ or system in your body that is designed to make you sick. Every function and process of your body is a response to a stimulus – the old ’cause and effect’ pattern.

Your body doesn’t set goals to develop colitis, irritable bowel, diabetes or allergies. It responds in precise ways to every circumstance that caused it. If the response causes problems, we call these ‘symptoms’. Names like osteoporosis, arthritis are just names for a particular pattern of symptoms. Symptoms are signals that the body is adapting its functions to survive the things we do to it. Your body really doesn’t know how to be sick!

Over the years, you have been unconsciously conditioned about ideas of health and nutrition. You may have been led to believe that your body really doesn’t know what it’s doing. Most of us are conditioned to believe that we are at the mercy of luck, heredity and conventional medicine to determine how healthy we are now and how sick we will be in future.

Up until how, you may have assumed that you have little control over your health – that you are destined to get the same diseases as your forefathers. In reality, you and only you, are responsible for your own health. Heredity does play an important role in how disease is manifested but it dictate that you must get sick. In other words, if you live in such a way that disease is inevitable, heredity will decide which form your particular disease will take.

We take for granted that for most occasions when our bodies ‘act up’, relief is as near as in the nearest pharmacy. And as far as ‘nutrition’ is concerned, whole wheat pizza is better than white flour pizza. Good nutrition may also mean restriction consumption of sweets, or adding a vegetable by putting lettuce on sandwiches. You may have stayed reasonable symptom-free despite these less-than-favorable health guidelines, but food health involves more than subduing the symptoms of heartburn or depending on luck and heredity; and there’s more to nutrition than eating a BLT.

The food and health choices you make now will dictate how healthy you will be in coming years. Remember that ‘health’ is more than just the absence of pain.

You are the one to decide how you are going to live, what you are going to eat, and what you are going to think about. You have the choice of whether to ‘abuse your body’ – to over-exercise or under-exercise; eat too much or diet excessively; see how little sleep you can get by on for long periods; drink too much; smoke; or do drugs.

Anyone who is committed to taking responsibility for his/her own health can reach any level of wellness. Feeling good is a wonderful way to live. When you are healthy, you not only feel good but you also enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

When you choose wellness as a health priority and invest in all good decisions for yourself, you will find that good health is practically unavoidable.

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