What is Juvederm Hydrate?

Interview with Dr. Josephine Ong

Juvéderm® Hydrate™ is Hyaluronic Acid Dermal filler with the specific goal of making your skin appear smooth, soft and toned. Juvéderm® Hydrate™ helps attract and hold moisture within the skin to restore a healthy natural glow. This product also features an anti-oxidant agent that prevents the build-up of free radicals in the skin, so the effects of your treatment can be prolonged.

Who is Juvederm Hydrate best for?

It’s ideal for anyone who needs skin hydrating and wants to restore healthy and fresher appearance.

Can you combine Juvederm Hydrate with other fillers?

Yes, Juvéderm® Hydrate™ can be used in conjunction with other fillers and injectable treatments, as well as exfoliating and rejuvenating peel treatments and various lasers.

Which other treatments can you combine Juvederm Hydrate with?

Your customised treatment package will be discussed with your doctor to ensure your desired goals are achieved.

Which areas can be treated with Juvederm Hydrate?

Juvéderm® Hydrate™ is a treatment specifically designed to improve skin hydration and elasticity, resulting in a more refreshed appearance and a natural, healthy glow in the face, neck, chest, and hands.

When can you see the result of Juvederm Hydrate?

With Juvéderm® Hydrate™, your results are immediate and very natural looking. Still need few weeks to let the product absorb by your skin completely for deep hydration. With a few small precautions, you can return to work and resume your social life immediately.

How often can we repeat Juvederm Hydrate treatment?

Results with Juvéderm® Hydrate™ typically are long-lasting, up to 4 months when part of a skin regime. The duration of results may sometimes be shorter or longer depending upon your age, physiology and lifestyle (smoking and exposure to sun or UV rays may shorten the effect). You can come 1-3 weeks after your initial skin hydration treatment to administer additional dose that needed.