The Latest Trend Of Injectables: ‘Baby Botox’

While 2017 was the year of full lips like Kylie Jenner has and clearly visible Botox treatments as the sign of the battle against aging and wrinkles, trends have changed and there is a new, more natural injectable trend under the sun, called ‘Baby Botox’. There are no more duck lips that dominate the face or frozen foreheads, instead only slightly plumped, smooth results that are in perfect harmony with each other and the other parts of the face. Here are all you need to know about the latest vogue.

What is Baby Botox?

In the past few years, Hollywood celebrities were not only famous for their professional achievements but their cosmetic filler treatments as well. Despite, more and more models and influencers have intention to opt for something subtle instead, and this is how Baby Botox got so popular lately. The concept is almost the same – tiny doses of Botox is injected into the usual areas, but there are longer gaps left between treatments and instead of using two or three syringes per treatment, only one or even a half a syringe is applied now to leave more movement in the face. It is all about the right technique – injecting smaller doses precisely in the adequate area. According to experts, Baby Botox is even more effective in smoothing out wrinkles in the most delicate areas of the face, such as crow’s feet.

How does Baby Botox work?

The primary purpose of Botox was correction so far, although, it is now preventing. Baby Botox is a great option to rejuvenate the skin without the extreme effects of Botox and thus get a longer shine for the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, aka Vampire facial is a good alternative for Baby Botox though, since it uses your own blood to boosts your own stem cells in order to produce more collagen and hence get a plumper, shiny look. Furthermore, just like Vampire facial, Baby Botox is also helpful in correcting scars and acne.

One of the biggest advantages of Baby Botox is that its results can be maintained easier in the long run. Since only small doses are used at each treatment, there is no need to wait until it wears off totally, a little monthly maintenance is enough to keep up with the results.

Keep in mind that using less amount of product does not necessarily mean that the treatments are cheaper. In case of Baby Botox, higher expertise is required to deliver the super targeted micro injections the right way. Instead of the amount applied, the technique has to be paid.

Before heading to have Baby Botox immediately, consult an expert by all means. Though results are enthralling, there might be details or personal issues you have to take into consideration. If you have any questions, write us to and book an appointment.