Beauty of the Month: Sabina

Beauty of the Month: Sabina

Patient details:
Sabina King, 41 years young

Goal for treatments:
Maintaining the youthful of her skin , slowing down the visible signs of aging.

Treated by:
Dr. Ivan

• Ellansé 1 ml.
• Botox.
• Colon & Infra Red Sauna for detox & wellness.

• Softened wrinkle.
• Restore and maintaining firmness of her skin especially improving the hollow under her eyes & lower face.
• Eliminate fine lines.
• Restore firmness of her skin.
• Plumper, younger & fresh looking face.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and share my experience at Cocoon Medical Spa. As any other woman, aging is something I embrace yet worry at the same time, since we want to “grow stronger & wiser” yet never wanted to look “older”. So, I do everything I could to slow down the visible signs of aging on my skin.

I did my study and found this gem, Cocoon Medical Spa and they have been my solution, since then.

I went to their Ubud center, Dr. Ivan is very easy to talk to & professional, all the staff always made me feel very comfortable.

For me it’s important to find an expert, someone who understand & really knows what he’s doing, who will provide you with the treatment that’s right for you.
Couple of weeks ago Dr. Ivan told me about a product named Ellansé, an advanced type of Filler which not only gives an immediate result, it also stimulates the body’s ability to produce collagen which will help generate volume & boost my collagen levels naturally & hopefully enable me to maintain the youthful looking skin of mine.

I felt completely relaxed through the whole process. It took about an hour, it wasn’t painful just a slight discomfort initially, dr. Ivan explained every step & kept me reassured throughout.

If I have to sum up Cocoon Medical Spa in a sentence, that would be : From the time I enter, I am treated with their true friendship balanced with a deep desire to help and heal”