Beauty of the Month: Wendy

Beauty of the Month: Wendy

Patient details:
Wendy Ryan, charming 63 years old.

Goal for treatments:
Improving her skin tone & texture. Get better complexion and skin firmness.

Treated by:
dr. Josie & dr. Angel

Laser 3D for full face
Botox for her upper face area
Vitamin Infusion for the anti aging effect & detoxification and helps with skin brightening
Series of our massages to eliminate stress & increase blood flow which are beneficial for the skin too.

Even skin tone
Restore firmness of her skin
Softened wrinkle on her upper face (forehead & eyes) area
Improved skin complexion

“I’ve always wanted to feel & look good in my own skin, yet lately I’m aware that I can’t fight time & gravitation causing the aging effect in my skin. I started to look for a place that offer professionalism and holistic approach to restore my skin’s beauty. Then I found Cocoon as my ultimate go to place. The doctors and staff are always very positive, friendly and professional.

I found their doctors to be honest about treatments & expectations, they pay attention to details, extremely helpful- never over sells. The care makes you feel special & cared but also in very safe hands. I love the admirable results they’ve given me. I am so pleased with the results and feel much more confident once again in my skin! Not only would I recommend Cocoon to my family & friends, but to everyone else that has any kind of issue these lovely people can help you with.”