Skin Reborn – Elixir of youth – Retinol + Hyaluronic Acid

Deep hydration. Plumps. Nourishes. Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful duo – one of the best skincare combinations. A super skin booster – giving superior hydration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles without injections. Reverses and repairs aging cells.

Rp. 650,000

Slim + Shape – muscle activating firming cream

Slim + Shape is the ultimate body cream for toning, slimming and tightening the skin texture. It’s activated with soybean ferment extract that is clinically proven to reverse the degeneration of the adipose tissue. Mimics the effects of endurance training to improve muscle tone – even on sedentary bodies. Combats free radical damage. Use daily on areas of the body that are most prone to cellulite including the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and forearms.

Rp. 600,000

Eye Am Beauty – Luminous Eye Cream

Concerned about the fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes? Worry no more. This superior formulation is a power duo of Hyaluronic Acid with antioxidant Vitamin C to brighten, hydrate and revive. When used regularly, this serum regenerates the cells, firming the skin structure, intensifying moisture content smoothing out fine lines. It’s a win-win formula for sparkling eyes!

Rp. 600,000

Cocoon’s Dermaroller

Dermaroller is great anti-aging, stretch mark and pigmentation solution which is incredibly effective even for hormonal pigmentation and old stretch-marks, some of the hardest skin issues to treat. Dermaroller is a natural way to improve the appearance of the skin and reverse the signs of aging.

Rp. 330.000

Collagen Gold Crystal Face Mask

Cocoon’s collagen gold mask is highly effective for soothing and hydrating after skin treatments. It has active cell renewal extract that boost collagen production that gives you a softer skin texture. It effectively minimized pores, refine and hydrate the skin and control oil while adding nutrients to your skin.

Rp. 110.000