5+1 Steps To Prepare Your Skin For The Fall

We must face the fact that summer slowly passes away and the warm, sunny bikini beach walks gradually return to chilly nights and layered outfits. As the weather changes, our sun kissed skin needs some extra help to get used to the new circumstances. While summer weather allows us to skip a few steps of our beauty routine, winter skincare regime requires more complexity. According to this, here are a few steps to prepare your skin for the fall.

1. Schedule an appointment with your cosmetician

Summer weather actually does not have the most beneficial conditions for the skin. Extreme sun exposure, outdoor activities, salty water all lead to clogged pores, skin dryness and blocking moistures. Before taking up a new routine, it is important to have a complete skin cleanse and ask your cosmetician about some advice that fit your skin’s needs.

2. Exfoliate regularly

Though a thorough cleanse can help your skin breathe again, you should keep up with exfoliating at home. In case you ignore it, moisturizing will be totally useless since the dry dead skin cells that cover your face restrain all skincare products to absorb. Exfoliating also helps balance the pH of the skin, boosts blood circulation and thus delivers essential anti-aging ingredients.

3. Avoid heat

As the weather gets colder and colder, all we usually want is to dive into a hot bath or shower and stay there as long as possible. In fact, hot water extremely dries skin by sapping the moisture out from our skin. The best thing to do is just to have an energizing shower with lukewarm water and applying a rich body butter or cream afterwards.

4. Choose make-up well

Selecting good quality make-up products is essential for your skin, since they are applied on your face throughout the whole day. Depending on your skin type, try to choose milder, oil-based items or cream-based formulas for winter to avoid skin damage. Besides giving your skin an extra glow, they protect it from the environment and often contain moisturizing properties.

5. Eat healthy fats

Taking care for your skin only externally is by far not enough. Eating healthy fats helps restore the nutrition of skin in order to achieve a naturally glowing, healthy look. On the other hand, they are super advantageous for your hair and nails as well. Seek to eat lots of avocados that are rich in vitamin E, oily fish for omega-3 fatty acids, olive and olive oil and nuts for selenium.

+1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated during summer is a bit easier as you are continuously thirsty due to the hot weather. Nevertheless, drinking the adequate amount of fluid must be vital to preserve the natural glow of the skin and increase skin elasticity to prevent wrinkling during the whole year.

Seasonal changes are often challenging for the human body inside and out but following these steps will help you make the switch easy and comfortable. In case you need professional help to carry out any of them, write us to info@cocoonmedicalspa.com and schedule a consultation with our experts.