Fat Loss Now And Then

Losing fat and maintaining an optimal weight has kept ladies wondering for centuries. There has always been numerous methods and tricks around which have been proven to be more or less effective. There were even some funny ones which we would be rather avoid or laughing at in today’s world. One of the earliest advices on how to stay in shape derives from Lord Byron himself around 1820: he was an advocate of the Vinegar and Water Diet which meant drinking water mixed with apple cider vinegar. Now let us jump 100 years: in 1925, there was an advertisement of a famous cigarette brand encouraging people to reach rather to cigarettes instead of sweets by emphasizing the appetite-suppressing effect of the nicotine. (To be honest, we don’t find this quite convincing given the other obviously harmful effects of cigarettes.)

In the 1930s, the Grapefruit Diet, aka Hollywood Diet was born. This low-calorie plan suggested to eat grapefruit with every meal. It was then followed by the Cabbage Soup Diet in the 1950s which promised to lose 10-15 pounds a week by eating a really limited diet including cabbage soup. At the end of the 1970s, the Slim-Fast shakes were introduced – along with the diet that recommends replacing breakfast and lunch with a shake. A light dinner was allowed.

And then arrived the 1980s when the demand on fat loss started to thrive; weight loss tips and different diets were published and in 1982, the well-known aerobics craze started when Jane Fonda launched her first exercise video. One of the most famous diets was this time the one that prohibited eating complex carbs and protein during the same meal. In the 1990s, there was the debut of the weight-loss pills. Some of these ‘magical’ appetite-suppressing pills were quite controversial – it turned out that they could be linked to potentially serious health problems. Eventually, they were taken off market, but others remained.

This short overview gives us a glimpse how things have changed over the years and how desperately women tried to reach their dream body. And so, we have arrived to today’s age when we finally don’t have to choose between unreliable and sometimes bizarre ideas.

Nowadays, given the highly advanced state of technology, we can have access to various amazing methods and devices that provides us with reliable, long-lasting effects in weight loss. Ultrasonic Body Sculpting is one of them – by removing fat cells from the desired areas, your shape will get beautifully re-defined. It is a painless, non-invasive body sculpting treatment that has an instant effect on the body. These amazing high-tech solutions give us a broader range of possibilities than ever before and thus, our dream shape is finally just a reach away.