Real Beauty: Summer Black

What do you do every day to maintain your beauty?

I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor so I exercise at least two hours a day, 6 days a week. I drink tons of water and take vitamin C daily. Coconut water and all natural shampoo, lotions, deodorant and face creams are a must. I maintain a optimistic outlook on life as I believe your attitude effects your health more than anything.

What are your main concerns about you appearance?

Lines on my forehead.
Laughing lines around my mouth.
The skin on my chest area.

Have you had any Aesthetic/cosmetic treatment before?
If yes, what was that and how did it go?

Oxygen facial at yours.
Vitamin IV treatment with oxygen.
Facials in general.
All went well and I really liked the oxygen facial.

Do you have any beauty/health/fitness trick you can share with us?

See my answer in number one question above.

Why did you choose Cocoon Medical Spa? What were your expectations?

Cocoon Med Spa was highly recommended to me by two close girlfriends. I definitely feel my experience at your spa was great. I recommend it to my friends as well.

What treatment did you have in Cocoon?
Can you please give us a short description about your treatment?

I had the oxygen facial and I definitely had glowing skin. The result from that treatment even got me compliments from people on how great my skin looked. I’d do it again for sure.
The vitamin drip with oxygen was fantastic. The next day I noticed dramatic increase of energy and vitality. My mood shifted noticeably as well to a higher state of well-being and calm. Great results. Thank you.

Are you Satisfied with you doctor/nurse/therapist?

Yes they are very warm and friendly. Professional as well.

Why would you recommend Cocoon Medical Spa to you friends/family?

Professional and personable. You get real results at Cocoon Medical Spa.