The 5 Biggest Moisturizing Mistakes

Finding the perfect skincare routine and the right products that fit the skin is a difficult, complicated mission, especially since skin condition is constantly changing due to lifestyle, aging, environmental effects, or even just the alternation of seasons. Furthermore, there might be some steps that we think are useful but our skin hates them indeed. In order to rethink our routine, here are the 5 biggest moisturizing mistakes every woman makes.

1. Using facial oils

Though natural oils are able to make magic when it comes to skin care, there are a serious percent of people for whom it is not suitable at all. According to many dermatologists, oils can clog pores, upset the moisture processes and can even dry skin instead of hydrating it. Oils often create a barrier on the skin surface and do not penetrate, thus avoiding the moisturizing effect.

2. Overusing of thick creams

Over-moisturizing the face can lead to an even dryer skin condition, because it is a sign for the skin that it has enough hydration and nutrients so it starts producing less of them. On the other hand, a thick cream will only sit on the skin’s surface and make it sweat underneath, in this way making pores get clogged. For this reason, it is better to look for products with the mix of hydrating ingredients.

3. Applying the wrong cleanser

If your skin feels super tight, or even itchy and sensitive following cleansing, that means you use a cleanser that is too harsh. Just like in case of face scrubs, the wrong cleanser can eliminate all the natural oils of the skin, leaving it super dry, red, sensitive and stingy. Look for products that also contain hydrating ingredients that stabilise your skin barrier and keep the pH of your skin slightly acidic.

4. Choose the HA wrong

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally produced in our skin, but its levels are continually decrease as we age, resulting wrinkles and rough texture. HA is hence essential for the skin and thanks to the beauty industry, there are several ways to replace it. However, there is one thing to know: HA molecules are often sold in a mixture of low and high weight forms, while only the low weight form promotes easier penetration.

5. Skipping the moisturizing cream

When you feel you use the wrong moisturizing cream, it is not the solution to totally skip the final step and avoiding to use any creams. Every skin type has a matching moisturizing cream, the only thing to do is to find it. Besides, it is always important to remember the golden rule: using light products first, and thick ones last, since thinner products cannot penetrate the heavy creams.

In case you need help determine your skin type, read our article how to do it or write us to and book an appointment with our experts.