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Rose Beauty – Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

A high-vibration water bottle to enhance your lifestyle, body and being. These elegant glass water bottles feature small rose quartz pebbles designed to infuse your water with healing vibrations. Drink the crystal-infused throughout the day to nourish your being with health, love and happiness.


Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

These Crystal Rose Quartz glass water bottles feature small crystal stones to purify the water. Feel the benefits of loving energy flowing throughout the day.

Why You’ll Love This:
Rose Quartz crystals are thought to enhance vibrations of love, hope and happiness. Drinking the elixir of crystal infused waters will nourish your being with clarity, positivity and vitality/

Key Benefits

How to Use:
Keep the water bottle with you at all times. Ideal for work, gym, and home.   Replenish and refill as needed.

Rp. 550,000