Brazilian Butt Lift

What do you do if you were not so fortunate to be born with an ample posterior like the aforementioned celebrities? Answer: You go and get a BBL, or to the uninitiated, a Brazilian Butt Lift. What is it? A BBL is a butt augmentation procedure that uses liposuction to take fat from other areas of the body and inject it into the backside. The extracted fat is purified, and only the best donor fat cells are re-injected. As well as being able to increase the size, it can help with other problems like flat or sagging bottom and asymmetry.

The alternative to the BBL is to have butt implant surgery, which uses artificial implants to increase size and shape, but this has become less popular as more people prefer the natural element of the BBL using your own body fat for the process. As with all cosmetic surgeries, you have to be in good medical health to be considered. Ideal candidates are close to their ‘ideal weight’, but still with enough fat that can be harvested from areas like the abdomen, back and thighs. Some patients are asked to gain up to 20 pounds prior to surgery to make sure there will be enough fat for the procedure. After the procedure, expect to not be able to sit directly on your butt for about two weeks and wear a compression garment for about six weeks, to reduce bruising and swelling.

Usually around 60% of the injected fat is expected to remain in the area, the rest being reabsorbed by the body and eliminated naturally. The amazing thing is the fat cells that survive the transfer will live in the new location forever. I’ve looked at quite a few of the before and after pictures of BBL’s and, I must say, the results look incredible. A real consideration for anyone that wants to get that rear view to match the front.