Importance Of Detoxification (Colon Hydrotherapy/Juice Fasting)

This makes it important for us to regularly detoxify, to cleanse our insides and maintain health. But how can we do that? Minimizing toxic intake with a good healthy diet and regular exercise is a great start, but more is needed to be done. Using a combination of a juice fast and colon hydrotherapy it’s possible to achieve a deep internal cleanse.

Juice fasting, when done correctly, can be a great aid. By juicing fruits and vegetables, you remove the fiber and drink only the liquid. Removing the fiber means your body spends less energy on digestion and has direct access to the hydration, vitamins and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. Although you need fiber in your diet, going for a short period of time without it will give your body a chance to direct its energy to deeply cleansing the body and drawing up old acidic waste that can cause a whole host of symptoms.

Colon Hydrotherapy focuses on removing undesirable elements from the large intestine. Mucus and impacted matter are gently washed away using warm water, no drugs or chemicals are used. The combination of the two treatments, juice fasting and colon hydrotherapy, leaves the body detoxified, revitalized, more able to absorb nutrients and healthier.