Real Beauty: Simone Rogers

Every morning I prepare freshly juiced turmeric, take capsules of evening primrose oil, and vitamin E oil plus swig at the apple cider vinegar bottle. Loads of fresh water and keeping my diet alkaline keeps my skin looking good and my energy levels high.

Living in Bali we are exposed to a lot of pollutants so I wear organic sun cream on my face and body plus always have a scarf in the bike seat to wrap around my décolletage and lower face when riding my scooter. This helps with sun exposure as well as toxic fumes and I feel less grotty when I arrive to my destination.

I use organic facial products and makeup. I cleanse and moisturize morning and night. Your skin is the largest organ you have and is capable of absorbing toxins or the good stuff, so I choose organic and nature based whenever possible.

What are your main concerns about your appearance?

Keeping a good skin tone and colour is important to me. Minimizing wrinkles and keeping my eyes sparkly lead to a good overall look.

Maintaining and improving my muscle tone, strength and fitness is super important as it keeps my confidence up which leads to a happier day and more positive outcomes in all aspects of life.

Being OK with getting older is possible with good health, regular aesthetic facials and a positive outlook.

Have you had any aesthetic/cosmetic treatment before?
If yes, what was that and how did it go?

I have tried a number of aesthetic treatments in the past from a bit of botox here and there to the PRP treatment I tried at Cocoon.  Regular oxygen facials have given me great results. I really am grateful we have these wonderful non-invasive treatments available to us these days as I nursed my mother after she had a ‘mini’ facelift and it was the most traumatic thing I had seen! Just awful.

I love the more natural treatments like the PRP as it is using my own amazing plasma healing properties to improve my skin just like it is used in sports injury treatments.

Do you have any beauty/health/fitness trick you can share with us?

Exercise every day if only a short walk, but better to get a sweat up with a jog, yoga or the gym.

Wash your hair and face after a sweat session – it’s the equivalent of swimming in the ocean with all that salt coming out of your sweat so you have to wash it all off or your hair will go dry and your pores will get clogged.

Living in Bali we have very low quality tap water so I wash my face with bottled water, and after washing my hair I rinse with bottled water and a dash of apple cider vinegar to keep it strong and soft, plus avoid calcium build up.

Why did you choose Cocoon Medical Spa? What were your expectations?

I liked Cocoon’s marketing material – it really spoke to me, and the fact it is owned by an Australian made me feel safer in trying new treatments on my skin that go beyond your basic facial.

Cocoon is definitely my preferred facial and wellness destination and I love the new Baby Coccon in Ubud.

What treatment did you have in Cocoon? Can you please give us a short description about your treatment?

I tried the PRP Dermapen treatment most recently.  The whole thing takes about 2 hours or a little more – allocate 3 hours for the whole thing so you can chill out over a beautiful ginger tea afterwards.

First the nurse takes about 30cc of my blood (painless) and then spins it in a Duografter machine which spins so fast that it separates the red and white blood cells. They spin it for about 10 minutes, twice, therefore getting a better plasma sample.

During this time numbing cream is applied to my face and I just relax while it takes effect. Take a book with you in case it takes a little longer.

Using a Dermapen, which looks like a fat magic marker, the plasma liquid that is spread over my skin is absorbed into the skin to a deeper level than just topically. Tiny tiny needles break the surface of the skin allowing the healing plasma to absorb. There is no blood or anything gruesome. This does not hurt at all but my face was a little bit red for the rest of the day and felt a tiny bit tight and tender that night. I could have gone out for dinner etc but chose to follow the no makeup, no product suggestion and keep my skin free of any product plus use only mineral water to cleanse. I did this for 3 days and even on the day after the treatment my skin looked amazing. I actually haven’t worn any powder or tint since the treatment 2 weeks ago. Pores minimized, skin tone glowing and overall a better appearance. I love this and highly recommend it.

Are you satisfied with your doctor/nurse/therapist?

Absolutely love all the therapists and staff at Cocoon.

Why would you recommend Cocoon Medical Spa to your friends/family?

Being Australian owned and managed makes me feel more confident in recommending the Spa.  If a client has a concern or question, they can speak to the Western owner, Louise, who will answer honestly and put them at ease.

The pricing is really good.  It is not the cheapest on the island, but certainly nowhere near the most expensive.  The cost of the treatments is highly competitive and affordable, plus you receive a really luxurious experience when you are at Cocoon. They have got it totally right with their pricing and treatment combinations.

Compared to Australia, Singapore, China, Korea etc. the price of these treatments is absolutely minimal. Worth a visit if you live overseas.

Results driven treatments mean you can see the difference and come back from your holiday looking totally refreshed and natural. People will say, “Hey, you look like you’ve had a relaxing trip”  rather than “Did you have work done?”