Strengthen Your Immune System To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus

Strengthen Your Immune System to Protect Yourself from Corona Virus

Corona virus is spreading faster and faster. Though the cure against the virus is still unknown, the best we can do is to protect ourselves as much as we can. Based on what we know about Corona virus so far, it has the biggest threat to those with weak immune system. In this case, the most important thing to do is to fight for strong health that can defeat pathogens before symptoms pop up.

First and foremost, increasing our vitamin intake dosage is crucial. The best solution to build your immunity and guard against viruses, including Corona, is Vitamin IV treatment which boosts the immune system by getting all the essential vitamins intravenously. In this way, nutrients get delivered straight to the blood stream without having to get through the stomach and enteron for hours.

“Our immune cells have a high need for vitamin C when they are working hard to fight infection, so if you find yourself with symptoms, this is the time to start dosing up on vitamin C” says Dr. Macciochi. Vitamin IV is thus the best way to reduce the risk of Corona virus. It is an absolutely safe procedure since we use only 100% natural vitamins, no drugs that could cause any allergic reactions or intolerances. There is no downtime, daily activities can be continued right away after the treatment. The treatment is not only useful against viruses but helpful if you experience loss of energy and regular fatigue or have hangover. It also improves the condition of respiratory system in case of asthma, bronchitis or heavy smoking. The procedure is followed with Salt Room Halotherapy that maximises the health benefits for the fully armed immune system.

As a complement to the treatment, there are some further actions you can do to get a stronger immune system. Hydration is extremely necessary now, just like exercise regularly and getting enough sleep and let the body recover for the extra work against the virus. Besides Vitamin IV treatment, make sure to keep up with your healthy diet and avoid unhealthy, processed junk food that can destroy all the blessing effects of vitamins and useful nutrients that are indispensable for a healthy immune system.

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