Vitamin IV Therapy

If you’re looking to boost your immune health, vitamin IV infusions are a great way to start, especially for people who don’t respond well to oral supplementation. Vitamin IVs have been around for decades, but have recently procured fame after celebrities starting using these to boost their “get up and go” lifestyles. The treatment can treat a number of conditions such as fatigue, depression, alcohol hangovers, migraines and even chronic diseases like cancer.

How It Works

A mixture of vitamins and minerals is administered intravenously while you relax on a sofa for half an hour in our salt room and get a nice foot massage. The treatment carries no downtime, so you can continue with your daily activities immediately after your visit. This treatments is combined with Salt Room Therapy (Halotherapy) to maximise the health benefits.

What To Expect

The benefits are immense and very noticeable, most people report better appetites, increased energy, sleep improvement and even help with pain management.

Cocoon IV facts

  1. Our Vitamin IV is completely natural 100% powerful vitamins only, no drugs that can cause allergic reactions or intolerances
  2. Our Vitamin IV has the highest dosage of Vitamin C available – 5,000mg
  3. We only offer 1 type of IV, this delivers the most nutrients straight to the blood, so 100% is absorbed. Anything less or done with a single shot will not be so effective, so we don’t offer it.

This treatment assists with:

  • Sickness – Bali Belly, colds and flu
  • Tiredness, loss of energy
  • Hangover
  • Respiratory system – asthma, bronchitis, heavy smoking

The vitamin infusion which is a great solution for skin brightening, anti-aging and detoxification contains:

  • Vitamin C – 5000mg – for skin brightening
  • Vitamin B Complex (B1/B6/B12) – for blood circulation
  • Neurobion – for anemia
  • Tationil – for detoxification

Vitamin IV is included in the following packages:

vitamin IV Package

  • Vitamin IV – High dosage of natural Vitamin C, B complex and Tatonil together with saline will rehydrate and recharge the body quickly, without medication or drugs.
  • Gold collagen mask
  • Foot massage


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