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Cocoon Medical Spa in Bali

Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT?

– Dr Seuss

Cocoon’s philosophy is simple – we are results orientated to give noticeable differences in your skin, health and beauty. There are no gizmos, no fads, just the most experienced doctors administering the highest quality, proven aesthetic treatments and technologies.

Looking for affordable, effective and great quality non-surgical aesthetic treatments?

Indulged a bit too much and looking to help get your health back on track?

We guarantee to deliver:

  1. Quality – by having some of the most professional, experienced and qualified cosmetic Doctors, trained with Australia and UK’s leading cosmetic doctors. The quality that we offer is comparable to what you would find in western countries. Read more about our medical experts
  2. Holistic treatments – We approach beauty holistically and provide integrated treatments to both the inner and outer body. This approach means that you will look and feel noticeably better for a lot longer. Check out our Vitamin IV, and Fat Blaster slimming packages.
  3. Low prices – our aim is always to deliver International quality for tiny Indonesian prices. Although we are not the very cheapest, we always try to provide great value packages with prices being 50-80% less than you would pay at home for you aesthetic treatments.

And of course, all this is delivered with the beautiful Balinese service, with the biggest smiles in the world. All our staff have excellent English, and we also love to offer you additional services, such as our complimentary pick up and drop off services (subject to availability and depends on area).


We focus on aesthetic treatments that improve the skin quality and skin health – so results last longer and look better. Skin rejuvenation treatments include RF microneedling for skin tightening, Diamond Microdermabrasion, No-needle, high frequency Mesotherapy, Dermapen, PRP, LED, Wellness and detox treatments include fat blasting and slimming, Colon hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Vitamin IV, Halotherapy (salt room).

We also have anti-wrinkle injections like Botox and Dermal Fillers. Our genuine Botox from Allergan helps with the fine lines on the face like frown lines, crows feet, etc. And it also a great solution for excessive sweating or chronic migraine.