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The Difference Between Botox® And Dermal Fillers

The line between Botox and dermal fillers is often blurred and it sometimes is not obvious what these two actually differ in. In case you have the idea of getting one of them in mind, it is useful to see clear and dive a little deeper before finding out which is best for you. For […]

The 5 Biggest Moisturizing Mistakes

Finding the perfect skincare routine and the right products that fit the skin is a difficult, complicated mission, especially since skin condition is constantly changing due to lifestyle, aging, environmental effects, or even just the alternation of seasons. Furthermore, there might be some steps that we think are useful but our skin hates them indeed. […]

How To Determine Your Skin Type

Being the largest organ of the body, skin has the same importance and intelligence as the lungs, heart or every other vital organ. For this reason, getting to know it and being aware of its needs is essential for overall health. Using the wrong products and treatments can worsen skin condition by harmfully effecting skin […]

The 5 Best Foods To Eat For Glowing Skin

Even the best and most thorough skincare routine can be worthless if the adequate diet is not promoted from the inside. There is no cream or serum that could complete the enzyme, mineral and antioxidant amount the body needs, which are all essential for having bright eyes, shiny hair and glowing skin. For this reason, […]

The Latest Trend Of Injectables: ‘Baby Botox’

While 2017 was the year of full lips like Kylie Jenner has and clearly visible Botox treatments as the sign of the battle against aging and wrinkles, trends have changed and there is a new, more natural injectable trend under the sun, called ‘Baby Botox’. There are no more duck lips that dominate the face […]

J-Lo’s Secret Anti-aging And Beauty Hacks

The 50-year-old Latina has just showed the world her amazing and super sexy form on the Super Bowl VIL halftime show last month. Even those who are not specifically the fans of Jenny from the Block know that she is practically ageless and are curious about what her secret can be. She has been interviewed […]

Strengthen Your Immune System To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus

Strengthen Your Immune System to Protect Yourself from Corona Virus Corona virus is spreading faster and faster. Though the cure against the virus is still unknown, the best we can do is to protect ourselves as much as we can. Based on what we know about Corona virus so far, it has the biggest threat […]

Why Vitamin E Is Great For Your Skin

Vitamins are essential for both the inner and outer health of the body. While the most commonly mentioned ones are vitamin C and D for a radiant skin, vitamin E has a good reason to demand an outstanding place in everyone’s beauty routine. Want to know the reason why? Read ahead and get to know […]

How Water Can Change Your Skin Condition

Skin care products and treatments are often unsuccessful or useless – but is it possible that the real reason of the problem is somewhere else? When opting for something new, we expect it to work immediately, but in most cases, we do not consider about the circumstances it needs to actually work well. Although, the […]

Everything To Know Before Getting A Vampire Facial

While Botox® is rocking on the beauty aesthetic market, it is actually not suitable for everyone. For those, who need another solution or just simply want to try a more natural treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy aka vampire facial can be a great alternative. However, before getting a treatment, there are some things to know […]