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How Water Can Change Your Skin Condition

Skin care products and treatments are often unsuccessful or useless – but is it possible that the real reason of the problem is somewhere else? When opting for something new, we expect it to work immediately, but in most cases, we do not consider about the circumstances it needs to actually work well. Although, the […]

Everything To Know Before Getting A Vampire Facial

While Botox® is rocking on the beauty aesthetic market, it is actually not suitable for everyone. For those, who need another solution or just simply want to try a more natural treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy aka vampire facial can be a great alternative. However, before getting a treatment, there are some things to know […]

Best Beauty Moments From The Golden Globe 2020

The beginning of the New Year always starts with the biggest galas and celebrity parties where stars dress up in the fanciest outfits and get the most charming makeups and hairstyles. These can be so inspirational and stylish, so now we share our favourites with you. Zoë Kravitz Big Little Lies star Zoë Kravitz looks […]

5 Beauty Resolutions For Glowing Skin In 2020

All beauty routine is about to achieve having a glowing skin. In case it has not happened so far, maybe something is going wrong in the process. To make the magic happen, here are 5 beauty resolutions for glowing skin in 2020 that will be game-changers in the long run. 1. Eat the glow up […]

6 Essential Oils With Serious Skin Benefits

Essential oils have legendary tradition in ancient beauty rituals and their popularity is still stonewall. Although, it is sometimes good to be sceptical about them – namely, not all the essential oils have miraculous effects for the skin, in fact, some can make skin even drier. To see things clear, now we list the 8 […]

Oil You Belly Button For Getting Clear Skin On Your Face

Applying oil on your belly button to get clearer skin on the face may sounds weird for the first time, but in case you have tried almost all the tricks and hacks in the name of skin care without any breakthrough, this might be an essential part of your beauty routine. In fact, it is […]

6 Surprising Places You Can Get Botox®

Botox® is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment on the market thanks to its versatility and efficiency in smoothing out wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet, and also its proven benefits in bettering sweating, spasms and migraines. While most people ask for Botox® to treat the most commonly problematic skin areas, there are some unexpected […]

The Easy DIY Lip Scrub Recipe You Have To Try

Having dry and chapped lips is a common problem, especially during winter, when cold air and cool breezes constantly blow the whole face. The right lip balm is a must-have in this season, but just like in every skin care routine, exfoliating has a key role in lip care as well. Exfoliating is essential when […]

How To Prepare And Care For Winter Skin

Face is the only part of the body that cannot be protected enough when going out to the harsh, freezing weather during winter. At this time, even the most cared, balanced skin tends to become extremely sensitive, dry and stressed. On top of that, all the stress of the Christmas feast and changes in diet […]