Oil You Belly Button For Getting Clear Skin On Your Face

Applying oil on your belly button to get clearer skin on the face may sounds weird for the first time, but in case you have tried almost all the tricks and hacks in the name of skin care without any breakthrough, this might be an essential part of your beauty routine.

In fact, it is not as strange as it sounds – in ancient India, it was absolutely normal thanks to Ayurveda that refers to a practice called Bhavaprakasha, which includes creating amalaki (an Indian fruit) paste around the navel and then filling it with ginger juice. Since the belly button is a really magical spot of the body, the vital energy point according to Ayurveda, this procedure makes sense – at least, it is definitely worth a try.

Before you doubt it, the approach of the Ayurvedic tradition has scientific explanation regarding with the stomach-skin connection. In Ayurveda, the navel represents the origin of life which is linked to the mother-child connection before birth, when it provides the flow of nutrients between the two bodies. Later in life, navel continues to serve as a foundation for balance in adulthood also, thanks to the its richness in blood vessels and its pathways to the body’s extremities. For this reason, it is considered that oil gets easily absorbed and effortlessly distributed throughout the body with the help of lines formed in the umbilical cord heyday.

Another important reason to consider using oils on the belly button instead of the face is that face skin is usually stressed out, its microbiomes are imbalanced and an additional skin care product would just worsen this condition.

There is no need to look for and purchase the most expensive oil blends on the market, castor oil, mustard oil, neem or tea tree oil all fit the purpose. The only thing you should do is to gently massage the skin around your belly button with only one drop of oil for a minute, using your finger and thumb and use a small piece of cotton to prevent staining of clothes.

Experience show that the first results may occur in a few days – thanks to the massage, bloating decreases and digestion strengthens which leads to the better breakdown of food, more efficient detoxification and improved assimilation of nutrients. Results in skin condition takes more time – first changes usually appear after two weeks, like smooth lips, smooth dry patches, clear chin and plumper cheeks.

Though Western medicine has no prove that the treatment of belly button would be directly related to the face, practice and centuries of Ayurvedic tradition show connection. It is definitely worth a chance and if you feel better, just keep up with the consistent practice of it.